- Applications: Compact and inexpensive, this board is perfect for use when the power source conversion is needed for your embedded project
- On-board Module: LM2596-ADJ
- Featured Technology: HTC Korea - TAEJIN TECHNOLOGY
- Board Size (mm): 75x42
- Volttage-Supply: 7-23VAC, 7-32VDC

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1. Introduction of ATC-REG BOARD


ATC-E17 is designed by AT-COM company to provide users with integrated utilities, with the ability to adjust the selected output voltage through "jumps select" on the board, users can easily select the desired voltage to use.

2. Schematic

3. Feature of ATC-REG BOARD

a. Module ATC-E17

Module ATC-E17

LM2596 STEP DOWN is a pulse source board that uses the LM2596-ADJ IC with up to 3A load current, 150KHz current response. This circuit board is ideal for projects that require switching from high to low AC (DC).

The board allows the input voltage 7-32V AC (or 9-32V AC), and stabilizes the output with 5 different voltage levels of 5V, 4V, 3.3V, 2.7V or 1.8V suitable for most ICs. microcontrollers, microprocessors, ... The output voltage is selected via a "select jumper" on the board

b. Diode Bridge Block

On board ATC-REG BOARD has been integrated a diode bridge block so that users can use both AC and DC input voltage.

c. Jumper Select Output Voltage

The board is integrated with a jumper that allows users to enable users to choose the output voltage: 5V, 4V, 3.3V, 2.7V, 1.8V to be compatible with the desired voltage.

4. Dimension

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