- U-blox MAX-8Q module with GPS/QZSS và GLONASS (1575 MHz – 1602 MHz).
- U-blox GSM/GPRS SARA-G340 supports dual band 900/1800 MHz.
- MCU STM32F303VET6 with ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU Core, 256KB Flash, 64 Kbytes SRAM, speed up to 72MHz.
- External Flash with 256Mbit.
- GSM/ GPS/ QZSS và Glonass
- Socket simcard.
- Socket SD-Card.
- Connector 2x10.
- Audio with 3.5mm
- 9 mm Buzzer.
- LED indicator status: POWER , GSM, GPS.
- Power supply: 9 – 45V with inverer protection.
- Pin 3.7V li-polimer cho backup.

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1.  Introduction of Open Tracker

- Open Tracker V2 is designed and produced by AT-COM with full feature of tracking device and compatible with standards and requires of Ministry of Transport.

- Open tracker is developed with robust feature compare to Open tracker V1 developed and produced ealier. Open tracker V2 is improved by compact GNSS of Ublox Max 8Q with quality of CE, Ublox Max-8Q support GPS/QZSS/QLONASS with 72 channel, high sensetive capatible get high quality signal with high accurate and stable.

- Open tracker V2 use U-blox GSM/GPRS SARA-G340 with low power consumption, full feature GSM/GPRS cellular modules and fully qualified and certified solution.

- Open tracker V2 use MCU STM32F303VET6 with 32-Bit 72MHz 512KB (512K x 8) FLASH 100-LQFP (14x14)

- The product is packed in 27x66x100 mm size with monolithic aluminum material

- In addition, the device also integrates external Flash, SD-Card to save backup data to support server disconnection cases. It also integrates acceleration sensors and gyroscopes to handle situations of vehicles going into tunnels, high-rise buildings, ...

- Board is developed based on Open Tracker V1 version with the same features as supporting computer connection with USB v2.0, three RS-232 communication ports, two control outputs, four inputs digital to read on / off state from external device, 2 pulse count, 3 analog input signal.

- The device communicates with the external device via 2x10 connector, and suport sim slot, SD card slot, 3.5mm audio jack and LED display status GSM, GNSS, POWER and backup.

- Application areas:

  • Monitoring and anti-theft motorbike.
  • Monitoring cargo transport management, tracking location, speed, direction of travel
  • Track positioning in car, especially vehicles such as taxis, trucks, construction vehicles, buses, passenger cars, self-driving cars ...
  • Application to anti-theft system for self-driving car rental application, tracking the route.

2. Functions of Open tracker 


 Power supply

- 5VDC via USB Micro connector.

- 9 – 45 VDC via VIN, GND of Peripheral connector.

- Vbackup: Pin Li-po 3.7V via connector

- Board is designed with capacity protect inverse use Semiconductor diode MBRS340T3G.

- TVS diode SMCJ40A-E3 / 57T for ESD, EMI protect.. help the source work well.

- The integrated U-blox GNSS Max-8Q module supports 3 GPS / QZSS / GLONASS satellites with 72 channels, high accuracy with a accurate speed is 0.05 m / s and accurate position is 2- 4m in right conditions. The Max-8Q module also supports AssistNow Online, AssistNow Offline and AssistNow Autonomous services from U-blox for optimal GNSS signal reception. Ultra low power consumption with 4.7 mA in saving mode is also the strength of this module.

- SARA-G340 GSM / GPRS module with dual band 900/1800 MHz, fully support network protocols such as TCP / IP, UDP / IP, HTTP / FTP, SSL and TLS 1.2. Power consumption is less than 0.9mA in Standby mode. Integrating Ecall, Era-Glonass and can communicate directly with U-blox GNSS module to get CellLocate and Hybrid Position faster.

- Combined with high-speed microcontroller STM32F303VET6 (32-bit CortexTM ARM Core CPU -M4) with 256Kb, 64Kb RAM capacity, processing speed up to 72MHz easily meet application solution requirements that require speed High degree and handling ability.

- The ability to save data is also expanded with the Flash memory S25FL256 chip built in with 256Mbit capacity of SPANSION.

- In addition, to enhance the performance of Opentracker V2, AT-COM has added accelerometer and gyroscope LSM6DS0. Support to identify better locations in basements and long tunnels ... Where the positioning function of GNSS modules is reduced.

- LED display status: POWER, NETLIGHT, PPS (Timepulse), Vcharge battery.

- Buzzer speaker: Status alarm via sound.

- 3.5mm audio jack: Allows users monitor the sound around the device.

- Open tracker V2 offers 20-pin connector.


- Product integrated IC MAX3232CDR to convert TTL logic level to RS232, with three RS232 data transmitters allow Open Tracker communicate with other devices via RS232 standard. Users can combine with

switch circuit to RS485 allows maximum communication 1200m

- The product also provides the options for the type of Antenna: IPX smd, SMA-RAF-15

- With these extensions, Opentracker V2 has the ability to combine with many external devices such as:

  • Connect cameras.
  • Connect with pulse reader to measure vehicle speed.
  • Connect fuel sensor, temperature measurement.
  • Connect the meter to charge taxi.
  • Monitoring car lock, anti-vehicle loss.
  • Supervise opening and closing car doors ...

3. Dimension

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