- Integrated CR95HF chip, RFID data transceiver IC with frequency 13.56MHz, multi-protocol.
- Support UART and SPI interface, can option by hardware on the circuit.
- PCB trace antenna.
- Support RFid tags or identification cards:
• ISO/IEC 15693.
• ISO/IEC 14443 type A/B.
• ISO/IEC 18092.
• NFC forum type 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Can identification, Read, and write NFC tag forum type 1, 2, 3, 4.
- ATCBus output Header.
- Power LED.
- Operating Voltage: 3.3V.
- Dimension: 33 x 63.2 mm.
- Support Design Library for Altium, Eagle, Orcad.
- Support sample code for STM32F1.
- Support sample code for Arduino UNO.

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   1. CR95HF Easy Overview


    CR95HF Easy is a RFID application development board designed and manufactured by AT-COM that allows users to add their RFID applications. Board integrated transceiver chip CR95HF 13.56MHz frequency and antenna design directly on the PCB, supports ISO / IEC 14443 Type A / B, ISO / IEC 15693 and ISO / IEC 18092. CR95HF Easy communication with Microcontrollers through UART interface (TXD, RXD) and SPI interface (MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS) on the ATCBus header. The board is designed with a 3.3V power supply, with a power LED, operating with a RFID tag or a 13.56MHz identity card. Ideal for protection or tracking systems that need RFID support. CR95HF Easy offers an entirely new design style, experience the great "Plug and Play" feature with AT-COM's Easy Boards.

    2. Design diagram of CR95HF Easy

    3. Features of CR95HF Easy

  •  CR95HF-VMD5T chip operates at a voltage range of 2.7-5.5V. With CR95HF Easy product, the chip is designed to run at 3.3V voltage. Power supply for the board is provided from the pins 3V3, GND on the ATCBus header.


  • The board supports ISO / IEC 14443 type A / B, ISO / IEC 15693 and ISO / IEC 18092.
  • Antennas are designed directly on the PCB, stable transceiver capacity, 

       - For the tags according to ISO/IEC 14443, the actual tags identification distance is 3 cm.

       - For the tags according to ISO/IEC15693, the actual tags identification distance is 4.5 cm.

  • The board supports serial communication through UART interface (TXD, RXD) or SPI interface (SDI, SDO, CLK, CS), users can select by welding 3 pins select on the board as follows:

          - Location A: choose to communicate via SPI (default position when produced).
          - Location B: choose to communicate via UART.

  • CR95HF Easy can be combined with other Easy boards that implement RFID applications and solutions:

        - Managing employees into the office.

        - Driver management in the transport, taxi, combined with vehicle cruise control.

        - Managing pupils, students in schools.

        - Managing materials, components in stock.

        - Sales manager, instead of barcode scanning tool.

  • In addition, other applications users can contact AT-COM for advice and design assistance.


    4. Dimension of CR95HF Easy

    5. Demo application

Read code and RFID tag data according to ISO / IEC 15693 for UART output and LCD display using ARM microcontroller 


Read code and RFID tag data according to ISO / IEC 15693 LCD display using Arduino UNO R3  

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